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Today, browsing the web has become a problem among children as there are many unwarranted and illegal sites that pop up on a repetitive basis. Hence it becomes a necessity for parents to monitor their children’s internet browsing without giving the impression that they are being intrusive into their lives. To solve such a hassle, KidLogger was developed, which proves to come in handy to all parents indeed. Being automated and simple to use, this software acts like a parental control and reveals the data that has been looked into by your child in your account.


While this would act as a mirror to what your child has been browsing in the internet, the KidLogger has many exemplary features that would want to make you set it up instantly. As it can run in the background, your children have minimal chances of finding out that they are being monitored. Moreover, this amazing program can be password protected as well, so there are minimal chances of your kids cracking it open. Adding to this, your children would not be to disable the program if they have a restricted account simply because, in order to change the settings of this program, the administrator privileges would be required, which, in this case, rest with you.


While there are many key loggers that could track your child’s data when they using the PC, it is best to use the KidLogger as it has received mostly positive reviews by many users. Your computer could be vulnerable to many viruses and needs to have potentially safe software installed, in order to keep it from going kaput. Kidlogger not only serves the purpose of tracking your child’s browsing but is also comparatively safer to install without the fear of a virus attack. Other software such as ‘SpyMyPC’ has come under constant criticism for such an issue. For the latter, you would be required to develop an exception in the anti-virus program in order to run the ‘SpyMyPC’ software and use it in normally. However, in the case of KidLogger, it is very unlikely to happen.


With numerous advantages and serving as a parental tracking device, this would ensure that you can keep track of your children and also keep them protected in the long run. In addition to this, it logs typed URL’s and keystrokes as well. You can keep a tab on, whom your family/children are in contact with on Skype and even check the pictures or videos viewed/shared by them. All you have to do is register yourself online and download the application and install this software on your Windows PC and let the software do the work. So go ahead and install this ingenious work of technology on to your Windows PC and let the results speak for themselves.


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