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KGB Archiver is a computer compression tool that is able to create small sized archives at a very high rate. It bases its compression on the PAQS algorithm.


It makes archives in either KGB or ZIP format and the compression level can be set between minimum and maximum which are categorized into ten levels. It allows the user to set a password so as to protect the archive at any level of compression. As the compression goes on KGB Archiver informs the user on the time remaining, the progress of compression and the actual size versus the compressed size. It integrates with the operating system to a level that it is available in the explorer context menu. KGB Archiver can create self extracting archives. It supports Unicode in both the user interface and file systems. It has a language selection of up to 10 languages.


This software has proved to be unique by having a high compression rate than most other archiving software. Though it tends to be slow when the compression level is set at maximum it is worth the wait. The other difference is the ability to create self extracting archives this is a feature that limited software in the same category have. The other difference is the multi language selection. With this feature every person across the world will be able to use it and this is the feature that most other software tends to fail at.


KGB Archiver is considered as one of the most powerful file compressors today and has also been able to receive high ratings across most sites. It is a free ware that every computer should consider adding to his or her system utility tools. With this software the user is assured of quality.


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