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KeyScrambler Personal is actually a web browser program, which is able to encrypt or convert keystrokes, so that it can protect the private information while the user navigates online. Besides being a strong anti-malware system, this software can provide an improved privacy protection.


Designed to assist the users to fight against the keyloggers apps, this KeyScrambler Personal would encrypt each of the keystrokes before they can get to web browser of the user, at a definite point of the keyboard driver. Personal edition of this app can just be incorporated within Internet Explorer as well as Mozilla Firefox, although there are some other editions to defend multiple browsers, apps and also the logon screen. Though the software does most of the tasks in the background, this software has advanced three part user interface to offer easy access to all of the features of the program.

After being installed by the users, the program would be seen as an icon within the system tray that becomes green every time the user opens one supported app. When the icon is right clicked, it would open up a menu to activate or deactivate the protection system by user defined hotkey and an Option Window will also appear there. While entering something in browser forms, chat windows or the search spaces, the user can see a small box where the twisted version of text would be seen. It is the thing that a keylogger placed on the system records, instead of the actual text. The indicator window shows the encrypted level of keystrokes instantaneously, and it would enable the user to verify whether the process of the encryption indeed works. Lastly it should be noted that when the file size is nearly 1.4 MB, this KeyScrambler may sometimes take more or less than one minute to complete the download process and there is hardly any user effort needed in this process.


Some of the alternatives of this program are Zemana AntiLogger (consists of a latest and powerful way to keep up the computer from the attacks of malware and does not depend on file scanning as other earlier antivirus programs) and Oxynger KeyShield (it is a protected, anti-screenshot and a free of charge virtual keyboard planned to guard passwords and some other sensitive data from malicious systems and hacking). Keylogger Beater is also another plug-in for Firefox that is meant to give a more safety way of inputting data for online banking or shopping than ordinary keyboard. GuardedID is another option to KeyScrambler as it has an active approach to stop keylogging of malwares.


The free program KeyScrambler offers protections without troubling the users or affecting the PC. It is such simple software in which the users do not even need to study regarding the program and also do not have to do something in a different way. With this system, it is possible to make certain that all personal data are safe and will not be hacked from any person. It will care for users from the known as well as unknown keyloggers.


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