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In a normal keyboard, there are many buttons like Caps lock, Num lock and Scroll lock that have small LED indicators. With the help of these indicator user easily understands whether these lock buttons is on or off. But what if these LED indicators not present, it would become a problem for user. Though the problem is not big but it would become severe if user is feeding any high security password, etc. This application Keyboard LEDs helps user to get rid of this problem. It fulfills the built in incapability of user’s keyboards.


Keyboard LEDs is a small but helpful application for the user. User can simply download the setup file and run the application. With the help of this application, user can easily understand whether those keys are active or not. It is an easy application that indicates user about those lock keys of their keyboard on the system screen. This application creates tray on the system where all the three keys i.e. Caps lock, Num lock and Scroll lock are indicated. This application work on the same manner as it happen in the keyboard i.e. when the lock key is pressed the respective icon on the screen become colored. This icon is present on the bottom right part of the desktop of the user or on the program menu. It depends on the user if they wants to keep the status on, all the time or not as there is an option for it i.e. the icons present on the screen automatically hide whenever all the three lock keys are off. Also, the user can customize the specifications of the application the way they want. Keyboard LEDs have a simple and easy to learn interface which the user can easily understand. Also there is a beep sound facility with the application i.e. whenever a lock key is pressed there will be a beep sound. This application also provides user the advantage to the display icon in three seconds so that it does not create disturbance. This application Keyboard LED is compatible with most of the operating systems of Windows like XP/Vista/7/8, whether 32-bit or 64-bit. Also, Keyboard LEDs is the only application that provide all three lock keys in it otherwise there are different applications for all three of them.


The Keyboard LEDs is an simple but important application to be used by the user especially if they are using a keyboard which does not have such indicator LEDs present on it. The user’s who haven’t operated application before can easily operate it because of its simple operating mechanism. Also, Keyboard LEDs is a small loaded application with much useful specification in it.


On comparing it with other applications it is one of the best of its kind as no application has all the three lock keys attached with it. Some other application like Caps lock indicator or lock indicators are also present but not as compatible as this application.


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