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KeePass (Classic Edition) is an efficient utility application for safe keeping of passwords and other sensitive and confidential information related to user logins in a database, which is encrypted. The information can be arranged in categories and the application supports Transaction Authentication Number (TAN) passwords.


KeePass Password Safe (Classic) is an efficient password managing application for saving passwords and login credentials for online accounts and storing them in a safe manner. The program is useful in preventing any unauthorised access to these login details by storing them in an encrypted database.

The login details can be stored and organised into different categories and the users have several methods to enter their usernames and passwords in the login fields. Users can copy the details to the clipboard, use drag and drop option and create their own automatic type sequencing options in order to enter the details in a convenient manner.

The data is stored in the database which is to be protected either by a master password or a key file. Similarly, users also have the option to protect the database using the current user account. Users can use any of these methods or a combination of the three. The application supports adding files to the database. Users can add images, text files and HTML files. The data is encrypted using 256 bit algorithm and supports Transaction Authentication Number (TAN) passwords. Users can create their own TAN lists so that which expire a password automatically once the password has been used.

KeePass (Classic Edition) allows installation of various plugins which extend the functionality of the application. The program uses a simple and intuitive interface and is easy to manage the application. Even new users can efficiently manage the program without much effort. The program supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


Password Manager XP is an application similar to KeePass (Classic Edition). The application allows users to create multiple databases for storing their sensitive and confidential information which includes login account passwords and other important information. The application uses multiple encryption algorithms and users can also select their own encryption option. It allows users to create their own passwords, categories the passwords and set their expiry dates.


KeePass (Classic Edition) is a highly effective application for safe keeping of important information from unauthorised access. The application supports TAN passwords and the data is encrypted using 256 bit algorithm. Users can classify their important information into categories and ensure the security of their information. The program is easy to use and ensures that the confidentiality of the information is preserved.


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