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Kaspersky Password Manager is necessary for any active internet user. It ensures that the process of entering passwords and other essential data in websites is fully automated.

This way, the user is saved the trouble of remembering and creating numerous passwords for different sites. If you use Kaspersky password to login to online websites, you can be assured that all your data is secure. Additionally, this password managing software creates complex passwords that cannot be cracked easily.


Mobile version: Kaspersky password manager offers a mobile version that allows the user to access passwords on any other computer without installing anything.
Automatic backup: Kaspersky password manager creates a backup copy of saved passwords on your computer any time they are modified automatically.


Just like all Kaspersky products, Kaspersky password manager is exceptional. It is easy to use and comprehend, can run effectively on any laptop or PC and it secures all user data with very powerful encryption methods. Its only drawback is that, it does not yet have a software that is compatible with mobile and tablet devices. Though easy to understand, Kaspersky password manager fails to provide a user manual for referencing in case of operational problems.


In my opinion, there is no password managing software that can beat Kaspersky. It was comprehensively designed to cater for every internet users’ needs. Moreover, it offers a portable version that you can carry around on a USB drive and use your passwords on other PC’s and laptops.


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