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Kaspersky Anti-Virus is a giant antivirus that offers comprehensive anti-virus solution to your computer. Its main aim is to protect every aspect of your online and offline life. Though its interface is not as sleek, it is user friendly and quite accessible.

The interface is sub divided into seven areas that include; my backup, my computer protection, my virtual keyboard, my system tune-up, my parental control, my encryption and my password manager.


Exiting menu settings : Kaspersky Anti-Virus settings menu has some great features that you can enjoy as you use the anti-virus software. Some of these features include; folder encryption, gaming mode and parental control elements.
Digital identity and privacy identity : Kaspersky’s latest anti-phishing technologies ensure that the user’s digital identity is protected against online criminals. In addition, Kaspersky’s password manager generates complex passwords that are not so easy to guess and stores them securely.


When compared to other antivirus products such as avast and avira, Kaspersky antivirus will be the best. An easy to use software cleans infected computers and protects them from malware and viruses. It performs effectively without affecting the speed of your computer.


For total security of your PC or laptop, go for Kaspersky Anti-Virus. It delivers all the required aspects to protect your PC and laptop against the toughest internet threats and malware. This includes your documents, digital identity, passwords, music and photos. Additionally, it has special features that perfect its protection when you are buying or banking online. It ensures that your money and online accounts are secured from potential cyber-crimes.


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