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File copying to various locations (be it online or offline) is common task for every Windows PC user. Online copying is also accompanied when backing up to cloud services or file hosting services. Karen’s Replicator makes such a job simple and automated with a simple tool built for Windows operating system.


Karen’s Replicator features a very simple and barren user interface with job lists, tabs that contain settings, schedule, history and statistics and buttons to it settings or adjust various job parameters. File copy operations are done using a per-job basis, which can be run serially or selectively. File to be copied is specified in terms of regular expressions and wildcards and also supports file exclusion patterns to follow. File copy operations can be automated via scheduling tool which lets the job run at any time in future and in regular intervals over minutes, hours, days, months or even years. The source and destination can reside anywhere locally or on any remote location within the same network and is reachable. The copy operations are always logged for later analysis in case of failures and the logging is done for errors, warnings, deletions, up-to-date files, exclusions and successful copy/failed copy. The software can be tweaked to copy files to destination only when the contents are changed and thus reducing unnecessary copies and network bandwidths in case of remote copies. File deletion can be replicated wherein files deleted from source are also deleted from destination. File copying job is recursive in nature i.e. it includes subfolders as well when copying files but they can be excluded with appropriate filters. There is no limit to browse the number of network providers from the software for the copy operations to take place. The software is available for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8 and the source code is available as well in Visual Basic.


On the Windows platform, there are plenty of alternatives, which provide similar functionality to Karen’s Replicator. SugarSync is a cross-platform alternative that lets the user sync files across devices and cloud offerings. FreeFileSync is yet another open-source and free file sync software and can also perform volume snapshots and full disk backups. Duplicati, an open-source offering is a free alternative with numerous features including scheduling of copy operations to remote locations as well. Further open-source and free alternatives would be Synkron, Areca Backup and Dir Sync Pro – providing identical facilities to Replicator.


Karen’s Replicator is a fairly easy to use tool for bulk file copy operations. The small package comes with remarkable features such as job scheduling and logging with network location support and file copy on update operation mode. The utility has a simple installer and does not require huge libraries or runtimes to work.


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