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This is quite a great application that lets the users in making playlists and burns them to DVDs. It assists Karaoke jockeys in the process along various files, sending track lists, and making tweaks with the lyrics display. You can deal with various kinds of formats like ZIP, BIN, etc.


  • Sleek and interactive Interface¬†

It is having one the most revamped interface presented in an arranged way so that a user having any amount of experience with the tool can handle without any issues. The main interface shows a couple of adjacent surface that allows the user in coming across with the files made, in addition with the track names and its covered paths.

It is quite easy in usage as a user can simply go with the pick and put like option. Hence, actions like management of stuffs for addition into a specific destination, or including several stuffs to run at once by making the whole folder available.

  • The revamped functionality

There is an option with the tool that helps the users in finding the entire supported files in a targeted folder to make them available in the program. You are having the option of finding it over other assisting destinations, and going through the additional information in the file.

You can have your hands with the text appearance pattern. An user can change the destination, colouring pattern, properties of the entire text applied over the Karaoke compilation. On a whole, the background appearance can be modified into other formats, so as the cursor.

  • Supports various formats and flexible usage

Upon completion of the process of adding stuffs in the program, the user can have the option of sending the track compilation into various formats. There is the option of adding information like track name, file information and others.

On a whole, the tool is a nice option that has been made with an aim of helping Karaoke jockeys making lists and burning DVDs. Its ability of making tweaks with the display pattern and sending the entire stack of the songs make it a time saving option. You can have your favourite part of the song converted. The user can have additional information, and the process can be tracked in regular intervals.

  • Least Resource Consuming¬†

Despite being a feature rich product, it consumes certainly the fewer amounts of resources than the contemporaries. It takes only 14.5 MB of space from your system.


There are other options available having the similar functions as of Karaoke. However, nothing can match the level of it in terms of efficiency and usability. It involves the best interface to make your job done.


Karaoke DVD Burner is an excellent stuff for making play lists and burning them to your DVD formats. It is less resource consuming, keeps your system safe, and supports various formats.


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