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The level of online theft has been rapidly increasing in the past few years. Each individual that places his or her private information on the internet is susceptible to cyber theft. It is up to the user to impose security measures to protect the information. K7AntiVirus Premium is able to shield the user against these fraudulent activities. Apart from that K7AntiVirus Premium will be able to protect the computer against viruses and malware.


Its window interface provides the user with the essential information that he or she needs to know about the computer. The first window gives an overview of the security window while the next window tends to provide a more detailed form of information. It provides multiple scan modules the simplest scanning method is the quick scan which will scan the critical areas of the computer. The other scan provided is the complete scan which will scan every area in the computer; this scan is highly advised immediately after installation. The custom scan gives the user the choice of selecting the specific folders to be scanned. And finally is the rootkit scan which will scan for any hidden files. It also has a scheduler to enable the user to schedule scans. K7AntiVirus Premium also has a USB vaccination utility. It provides real time monitoring and is inclusive of a firewall. It provides the user with email and browser protection and has a vulnerability scanning feature.


It has a host intrusion prevention feature that most related software may lack. It has Nano Secure technology and an enhanced scan engine which makes it among the best software in its field. Having a USB vaccination feature is also rare among similar software. Being able to provide security from cyber theft and at the same time protect the computer from threats like viruses makes it stand out as unique.


K7AntiVirus Premium is best used as home protective software than in an enterprise level. It will ensure security of personal data from cyber theft and malware.


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