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When it comes to computer protection from virus infection and any other such kinds of threats should be done with vigilance and care so as to keep the files safe at all times. Anti viruses provide this kind of protection. K7 TotalSecurity provides protection from all these threats. It is able to protect the user even from internet security threats.


K7 TotalSecurity incorporates several features so as to ensure full system protection. It is able to scan any external drive once it is plugged in and it is able to vaccinate USB drives from infections. It has a vulnerability scanner that is able to scan the computer for any applications that might be exploited to infect the computer. It is also able to detect flash and PDF related malware by having an enhanced scan engine. It offers web protection in vast areas. In web protection it offers a safe search, safe surf and identity protection. K7 TotalSecurity is able to protect the users’ personal information from being sent to the internet without the user’s knowledge. It also incorporates a Nano secure technology which is a next generation security software core. It has a virtual keyboard making it user friendly. It has a parental control feature to enable the user to block any unwanted sites. It provides spam protection and will also protect the computer against phishing sites.


Its main difference from other similar software is the software’s ability to hinder the computer from sending the user’s private information without his or her authentication. Being able to have a parental feature is also a rare occurrence among software that is in the same field. It has incorporated the next generation security software namely Nano secure technology making it to be unique.


K7 TotalSecurity is a form of modernized security software that is capable of providing quality internet protection.


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