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Jv16 Powertools 2014, developed by Macecraft, is software that is developed to act as a Windows utility suite and register cleaner. We use Windows for multiple purposes, and work on more than one application at one particular time. This increases the RAM usage, and also results in the extra heating of the device, which, if we look from a long term perspective, is dangerous for your PC or Laptop. So, to avoid all these slowdowns and malfunctions, we need Jv16 Powertools 2014. It serves the same purpose for windows as oil serves for a car engine.


This software is well equipped with tools which clean completely the registry of your windows. These tools include a tool which fixes the computer in case of any malfunction, and also solves all the errors that arise in registry, and errors related to garbage files which get accumulated in the registry, unwanted files, and files which get automatically stored as temporary data. There is a tool which deals with the leftovers in the system, and also the malwares and malfunctions, which sometimes serve as unwanted baggage on the memory of any PC or Laptop. Also, this software controls the programs, which have the ability to start automatically. Sometimes, unwanted startups cause a load on the system and affect the RAM. Jv16 Powertools 2014 basically acts to increase the speed of the computer after dealing with all the slowdowns and malfunctions. It also immunizes your computer by blocking access to known dangerous websites, basically to enhance the computer’s safety. It also automatically blocks all the spyware and also modifies the files which host the windows. Other tools that are included in this software include a tool to clean the history and registry, to compact the registry, to even find registry values and even replace them with single click, and some other tools to ensure better working of your computer.


Jv16 Powertools 2014 is the best software for protecting your computer from the existing malware, malfunctions and slowdowns. It deals with every possible malfunction that can slow down the speed of computer. It is developed after considering all the faults which were there in pre-existing software to protect computer. Therefore, this software should be included by every person in their arsenal to protect their computer.


Jv16 Powertools 2014 is an amazing utility suite for windows and also serves the purpose of a registry cleaner. With all the tools and key features that it posses, this software won’t let any malware slowdown your computer.


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