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Juke is an extensive media management program that helps quick access and playing of multimedia files stored in system memory as well as in audio CDs. This software allows users to create their own playlists by dragging and dropping them into the explorer from root files. It is a great application for playing audio files while working on documents or spreadsheets. It is a very light weight program and does not interfere with system functioning as it occupies very minimal RAM memory. Users can also choose from various playing modes like autoplay, random, repeat mode. In addition the program comes with some add on features like error tolerance, auto shuffle, etc.


Juke boasts of a funky looking interface which is both attractive and full of utilities. It has unlimited playlist length meaning you can import your entire music collection as one playlist and yet there would be space for more tracks. Directories can also be used as playlists thereby making your personalized file classification in system directly as playlists. Once minimized, Juke disappears into the taskbar and will be left without a trace. However, users can still control using the icon from taskbar menu. The player offers full screen audio playback with some attractive visualizations. It is available in almost popular international languages and supports ID3 tags and windows meta data.


Juke works only on Windows Vista and later. When compared with Double twist which is compatible with all forms of Windows operating systems after Vista. Both the programs are available free of cost and hence is a great choice when it comes to pricing. Juke is not available as an android app whereas Double twist has launched an android app recently. Juke has intelligent playlists, as well as composed media library and has support features with request forms and community forums. Juke also supports audio CD playing while double twist fails in that.


Juke is your one stop destination for media file playing and management. The player offers a simple way to tackle everyday problems felt while playing audio files of various formats. Its compatibility with almost all existing audio file types makes it a convenient choice for your media library. The unlimited playlist compilation just shows how capable the player in satisfying the music demands of any user. With just 1.1 MB file size it takes a minute, negligible hard disk space yet gives you an immense satisfaction of running your audio files with great gusto. The software has passed adware, spyware and malware tests and hence is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to use safe and reliable music management software.


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