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When it comes to having to a busy schedule, people often regret not to take some time out of their schedule and make it pleasurable for themselves. But, there’s a way to get things done even if there are a lot of obstacles standing in the way. For example, people can easily listen to audio podcasts for entertainment, news and personal development ideas while they commute or go for jogging. Juice is one of those programs that let users do it.


Juice is a kind of software that provides instant telecast of live streaming of audio podcasts and works like a charm. But, such a lightweight program like this one is capable offering a lot of solutions and functionalities as well.

  • Easy of Usage

Juice is a pretty simple program that comes within an attractive outlook and intuitive buttons to get things done. It aids the users to listen to live audio podcasts and earlier podcasted episodes as well. However, users can enter the URL of the subscribed audio podcast and can easily listen to them when they get an ample amount of free time for themselves.

  • Instant Audio Podcast

This software enables its users to listen to various audio podcasts, no matter whether it’s streaming live or older ones. When the users enter the URLs of their subscribed audio podcasts, this program automatically looks for earlier podcasts and downloads them directly to your PC. In this way, you can listen to the audio podcasts when you’ve a free time almost instantly.

  • Supports Different Formats while Downloading

It streams live audio podcasts but it also downloads the previous episodes of subscribed podcasts to users’ PCs in various formats. In this way, it allows the users to take them into MP3s or onto their phones so that they can listen to them on the go. It also lets its users to choose the output folder where the downloaded podcasts should be kept in order to retrieve it later on.

  • Delete Older Podcasts Automatically

Users should not be worried about their computer being cluttered with older audio podcasts. Juice deletes the two or more weeks older podcasts automatically so that the users don’t have to worry about them siting on their PCs.

Juice currently supports more than 15 languages. Also, it’s a freeware that’s capable of listing thousands of listed podcast feeds. In this way users won’t have to lose their time looking for live streaming podcasts online.


gPodder and BeyondPod are two worthy alternatives to Juice. But, they don’t support large language support compared to Juice. BeyondPod can read RSS feeds which is a plus point.


Overall, Juice is a neat and efficient platform to manage and listen to audio podcasts.


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