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JStock is a cross-platform personal stock market software. It is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems.


JStock is an easy to install and use. It provides well-organized stock information from different countries. Currently, JStock supports 26 different countries such as Australia, India, United States, and many others. This application is multi-lingual, so it can also be used in 5 different languages apart from English. It grabs the stock information from top sites like Google Finance and Yahoo Finance. To use the application, the users will need some kind of expertise about the stock market and how it works. This software takes a snapshot of the stock price graph every 10 seconds for the comfort of a stock trader or a normal user. Unlimited number of watch lists can be created and managed with JStock.

This application also allows the user to create and manage an unlimited number of portfolios. With Portfolio management, the user can manage transaction records which include the current net worth, buying records and selling records. Sticky notes can also be added in the portfolio management to provide a small glance on each and every transaction. This software also provides stock alerts through SMS, email, system tray notifications and sound. Whenever a stock reaches a particular buying or selling point or meets a particular selection criterion and or when there is a fall in the stock, the user will be notified by such alerts. It is the choice of the user to set the alert option based on their preference. This application supports only Gmail accounts i.e. the user who wishes to get alerts should have an active Gmail account. The SMS notifications can also be received through Google Calendar or on the mobile phone.

Additionally, this application provides the option to control the number of SMS a user receives per day. It comes preloaded with different types of indicators such as buy, sell and trending indicators which automatically suggests buying or selling a stock at a particular time. The indicators can also be edited in the indicator editor without the need of any programming experience. They can be dragged and dropped to create the stock filtering rules.

JStock also has the charting functionality for different bar charts and pie charts which provides a graphical representation of investments, stock history, dividend stocks and portfolio summary. In order to access the stocks from anywhere, JStock lets the users to store the stock data in the cloud. The stock information is stored securely on a cloud server like Google Drive and the user can access it using a mobile device. The files can be shared with others and the permissions to access those files can also be limited.


Some alternatives of JStock are Trade Trakker and Investar. Both these applications display the live stocks separately in the top which can also be customized. This option is not available in JStock, but it features a clean and intuitive interface with additional functionalities. Different themes can be applied to change the look and feel of this application. This is where it stands poles apart from other applications.


JStock can provide well-organized stock market information. Thus, if you are a stock trader or a normal user who knows well about the stock market, this application can be your smart assistant for stock trading.


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