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JavaScript Collector is a popular snippet database that is not only searchable but also comes with more than 200 JavaScripts in its installation package. It allows you to even preview the JavaScripts before you can choose and use them with just a click of the mouse. You can even preview the output of your project using this program on your browser without having to do any coding.


The software does all the work for you making your coding tasks much easier. You can use it to create a number of useful categories for different style sheets and other helpful codes including HTML templates. The program keeps track of HTML-based scripts too besides the JavaScripts you regularly use. With this program, all these scripts are organized in a single utility and always within instant reach. JavaScript Collector comes with an easy to use interface that is completely over-viewable to help you search and locate the best JavaScript snippets for your project.

JavaScript Collector comes with a number of great features designed to take the hustle out of your coding life. One if its great features is the ability to add even more of your own scripts. You can also delete, rename, edit, and save different types of scripts in the program. It allows you to create new categories or remove the ones you do not need. This helps in organizing different types of scripts into groups for improved functionality. The program is available in most of the commonly used languages with a feature that allows you to change languages at will. You can even use it to set your browser’s path when previewing your script.
The latest version allows up to four browser paths. It also gives you the ability to set shortcuts on your keyboard for the script preview. The program keeps track of the JavaScript snippets you have used and saves them for easier access at a later date. Your collection is saved offline to make it easily searchable.


In comparison with other similar programs such as the JavaScript Menu Master and AllWebMenus, JavaScript Collector has a bigger collection of more than 200 scripts in its installation package. It has a better user rating, functionality, installation, and stability than AllWebMenus. Its interface gives it a better appearance and usability than most of the other script programs. It is the perfect choice for both beginners and advanced users seeking for a free coding tool.


JavaScript Collector is a great program for everyone from novice programmers to advanced coders. What makes the program even more popular is the fact that it is free to download under a freeware license. It is a useful for those who regularly use JavaScript.


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