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As Internet access becomes ubiquitous and cloud storage space increases in volumes, more people are moving contents on the platform, and photos are one of the most common types of contents. However, proper presentation is necessary in case of a large photo collection to keep things organized and managed. JAlbum is a Windows application to perform exactly this.


JAlbum has an easy to use interface that emphasises on mouse movement and clicks rather than typing out contents. Apart from the menu bar on top, the main window is divided horizontally into two panes. The left pane displays the directory structure and photo organization and some options and the right pane displays the image itself. Mouse-centric interface has a rich right click menu with options for filtering, sorting, rotating and editing images. There is also built-in drag and drop support. The main function of JAlbum is to upload the contents and create worthwhile slide shows with various themes without resorting to manual HTML/CSS hacks. The contents can be uploaded to any website or server and also to JAlbum.net itself if the user does not have a domain, which is a community driven service. Album and content volume size is not limited to hard limits and can extend to any number without significant delays. Apart from images, JAlbum also supports video with the ability to handle over 160 different format and container types. The slide show skins can be downloaded or modified within the application and Google maps, video playback and shopping cart can be integrated as well. There is also a manual option to write custom skins or edit existing templates. Images in general can be edited with various tools such as cropping, straightening, flipping, brightness/contrast/color adjustments and various effects such as sepia, inversion, pixelation, etc. In galleries generated there is also option to protect images from downloading by users through the context menu in browser. Furthermore, there is full social integration with photo metadata such as EXIF and XMP. JAlbum is available for all versions of Windows and is bundled with Java, along with zip versions as well.


The closes competitor to JAlbum is probably CMS software such as Joomla which can publish any content to the web. However, they need to be paired with image editor and managing software to be comparable with JAlbum. The other alternative is to pair Image editing software with image publishing domains. Picasa along with Photobucket or Flickr can be an alternative but the syncing is not automatic and nowhere trivial to manage. Thus JAlbum again provides a better alternative to this as well.


JAlbum is probably the best integrated software to publish huge sets of images as custom slide shows with themes, map and social integration and data safety. The content delivery however will have to be managed by the user. It also has image management and simple manipulation utilities for the user. This makes it an extremely effective offering.


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