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Jajuk is an application that lets you organise and play your music. Jajuk is based on Java platform and requires Java 1.6. This full-featured software helps the user to arrange the music files, which are scattered throughout the PC. Jajuk is a very lightweight software that makes it fast. The interface is user friendly so you do not need to spend hours or download tutorials just to organise your music.


The main feature of Jajuk includes a Digital DJ to create a playlist based on the user. Otherwise, choose a variety of playlists according to the genre, artists, album name and many other available pre-sets. Features like ambience management lets you create a soft playlist. Jajuk uses an intelligent rating system to rate your songs, which is based on the preference of a user or done automatically. You can even configure the cross-fade while mixing. Find duplicate tracks in your music library and delete them using Jajuk. You can set a timer using the alarm clock.

Basic features like play, repeat, shuffle are available along with a number of new additions. Sort your songs according to your choice. The smart shuffle can rearrange your tracks in a completely different way. A lot of sub options under shuffle can be used for selecting your songs. Add songs to your player queue. Plan ahead, choose your tracks so you can listen to what you want.

The user interface is customizable. You can add shortcuts in the tray in taskbar. This is exclusive for Windows and Linux. Also, you can access different controls using multiple keyboard shortcuts. The new release has a lot of bug fixes and many new features are added. There is a new wizard to add custom radio and they are categorized according to their genres.


Jajuk is a free license software so it does not cost you a penny unlike similar applications. Downloading Jajuk is very simple. Your system should be Java enabled and there is no need of any high-end system specs. Moreover, Jajuk is available on all latest versions of Windows including Windows 8. It is also compatible with Mac OS. Receive regular updates free of cost. And it has support for multiple languages. It supports almost all formats of music files like ‘.mp3’, ‘wmv’, ‘.aac’, ‘.flac’ unlike others.


Jajuk is a free utility software that lets you arrange your music files with a few clicks. You can add your songs on the go. Though it runs on Java, it is similar to the other applications of its genre. If you need a software to organise your music files without much harassment you can go for Jajuk jukebox. It is easy to use, it is fast and it pretty much does your job.


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