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Music software never really loses their demand. Music is a form of art that will forever remain appealing to human mind. Finding the sources of music has been changed a lot over the past few decades. Previously, music was only available in LP disks and they were so huge. Definitely not portable and not large on storage space as well. With the passage of time we have now come across music software like Jaangle that plays and organizes music files available in a fixed storage device. Music files of different formats like mp3, wma, ogg, avi, etc. are nicely organized in this software.


The software Jaangle was previously known as Teen Spirit. This software is open source which means any developer is welcome to tweak the source code and develop the software. However, Jaangle comes in a package that includes both an audio-video player and a tag editor.

The tag editor supports all file formats that is supported by the player; mpg, mpc and wma. Management of music files is something this software does the best. The sorting of music files are usually based on Artists/Albums or Year/Albums. Pick which way you feel comfortable in and Jaangle will sort them out for you.

Jaangle connects to the internet and downloads necessary information like album covers, reviews, lyrics, etc. of any particular music files. For even more convenience, web links are added as well. File histories are logged for better ways of keeping track. The UI shows music info. There is an option for advanced searching to find out specific music files with ease.

Visualizations allow the user to bring colors to the interface, in case they get bored with the stock one. This software generates tags from the music filename if there aren’t any present. To rename music files according to a format there is a renamer. And all these features could be availed without even using the mouse since Jaangle supports mouse-less navigation using only the keyboard shortcuts. Jaangle comes in multiple languages for wider region support.


There are few popular software that fall in the same category with Jaangle. PodPlus, Moody, Jajuk, and iTunes Album Browser are few of them. All these software run on Windows platform and Moody supports Mac OS as well.


Considering every features and functionalities, Jaangle is not really an easy software to operate; rather it’s a bit complex. The UI has a user friendly base and it does its purpose the best. The performance is of top notch. If you could invest time to pull up with the features of the software, it’s a great one.


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