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The iWinSoft Barcode Generator is a tool which generates bar code. It is a very simple tool and has a very effortless way of using it. This tool also helps in exporting the bar codes generated in different format and the same can be exported which could be in turn stuck in different commodities. This tool is compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2003 or 2000, and requires very little space of around 64 MB in the computer.


There are different bar code types available in today’s market. This tool helps in generating most of them like MSI and Interleaved 2 of 5, Postnet, Japanpost customer barcode, EAN 13, ISSN, EAN 8, Code 11, UPCA, UPCE, ISBN, ITF14, Code 39, Code 128, Code 93, FIM Codes (3 types), Codabar, Horizontal bars, etc.

The toolbar has square button, barcode button and a circle button. While creating the bar code user has to just drag and drop the square button to the main page. Square’s length and breadth can be adjusted as per the customer’s wish. When barcode button is pulled inside the square it creates the bar code number. Circle button when pulled inside the button creates the image. This could be saved and can be exported as and when needed.

There are many options available to set, which could be done as per users wish. These include angle of the bar code, background color, Barcode text, Bar height, width, color, data to be printed, etc. User has an option to enter the data they want to print in the bar code. This could be either text or images. There are built in labels available in the tool, which could be directly used by the users. It has different cards, media type templates and labels, which could be selected by the user if they does not wish to customize.

Additionally, this tool has the ability to export the bar code generated to too many different formats like PNG, Tiff, GIF, WMF, JPG, GIF, BMP. The generated bar code can be copied to the windows clipboard, which could be later used for other applications. If the user needs to create bar codes in a sequential manner than it could be generated easily with this tool as it has serialization properties. This tool is well known for its flexibility as it gives many options for the user to set, which is a really good feature.


There are number of barcode generator related application on the web. Code 128 generators and barcode plus are two such applications out of many that help in the bar code generation. As compared to iWinSoft Barcode Generator, these two applications have taken a back seat since because of their restrictive interface. In that respect iWinsoft Barcode Generator can be more useful because the application is user friendly and easy to use.


The iWinSoft Barcode Generator stands unique because of its ability to export and print the barcodes in addition to the generation of bar codes. Since it is known for its flexibility, this barcode can be effectively used by a non-technical user as well.


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