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iTuner is a tiny app that does a big task of keeping your iTunes library in prime condition. iTuner is basically a cleaning tool for iTunes library that removes redundant tracks, empty folders, cleans bugged albums, and helps in identifying and purging duplicate files. iTunes is a proprietary software of Apple inc. In order to use iTuner, users should have iTunes pre-installed in their systems. The program is directly linked to iTunes and hence even the slightest modification can be made only if the program is installed.


The program automatically searches for any discrepancies in the iTunes library and carries out the cleaning process. It also downloads and updates art work and cover of the album by default. Users can also import and export albums, edit artists and playlists with few clicks on the iTuner interface.

iTuner is compatible with various audio formats like MP3, AAC, M4A, AIFF and WAV. This is probably the only software that allows users to sort their music library without missing any tracks due to format compatibility issues. Another add-on feature of iTunes is that it takes periodical backups of the music library into external storage devices like remote computers, USB drives, hard drives, etc. The playlists get stored in these storage devices in 3U, ZPL, PLS and WPL formats.

The latest update of the program has bug fixes that verifies and resolves issues in MusicBrainz track info. The latest update has also migrated the program to 2 of MusicBrainz XML Web service. In addition to this, a new application icon with updated iTunes icon has also found its way with the update.


There are plenty of iTunes manager programs like Clementine, Banshee, iRip, etc. available on the internet each with its own pros and cons. But no tool ever comes close to effectiveness like iTuner. This program appears a natural in iTunes management without a second thought. It is also compatible with a series of operating systems which is quite a win over other iTunes management software. The program provides an ms-PL license when most other software provides GPL, MIT or proprietary licenses. A free download of the program is available for trial use beyond which users may have to buy the software for continued use. This software also offers auto syncing with all apple devices like iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc. It is equally compatible with Windows OS XP or later versions.


Although iTuner might seem to take care of only a specific task which (appears to be minimal), the program is capable of much more things. It is efficient in its functioning and is a favorite among iTunes users who get irritated with dead tracks filling their music library. This program can also act as an on screen media player for iTunes library that is also capable of naming the track, artists, technical details like bit rate, codec, etc. simple yet much required controls like volume adjustments, equalizer choices, control preferences, etc. are also included in this clever program. There is no looking back on iTuner as it is a perfect maintenance program for iTunes libraries.


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