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iSpy can be described as an open-source application capable of capturing and recording video content on Flash files. iSpy’s motion detection coupled with email notification features makes it an ideal tool for personal surveillance. iSpy offers a professional as well as comprehensive tool that provides monitoring, security, including alerting and surveillance services by utilizing webcams and microphones to identify and record motion and sound. Any content captured is formatted to Flash video and made available online or through a built-in web server.


iSpy can operate simultaneously on a number of computers and users can make use of the built in server to watch captured content, live camera feeds as well as remotely controlling iSpy. The program presents a clean intuitive interface that allows you be able to configure the process of monitoring by connecting several webcams and microphones. A fresh installation of a camera can be set up in regard to name, video source, mask image and time stamp.

Additionally you can choose to stipulate the optimum frame rate as well as pair up a particular camera to a microphone to record both sound and video. iSpy comes packaged with an assortment of built in motion sensors for instance with custom or two frames. This allows users to be able to set the maximum and minimum trigger intensity for detecting motion. Additionally, fine-tune luminance and saturation levels as well as choosing the tint to track or ignore as you record are also provided. This unique feature comes in handy when you opt to monitor images with a particular color and helps you distinguish between a fire and smoke.

Other unique options available includes allowing users know the number of objects present at a particular scene, keep edges, set alarms, enable noise filters, check on particular areas of a camera by marking out with rectangles and scheduling of tasks. With iSpy alarm activation, users can trigger a WAV file to open or play and convey an MMS or SMS to a specific phone number; deliver direct messages to Twitter and perform email alerts. The application supports PTZ cameras and allows you to upload recorded content to FTP servers or on YouTube.


Although iSpy might be offered for free, some features such as remote surveillance might cost you some money. The available free features however offer plenty of functions. Nevertheless, comparing iSpy to Vitamin D, iSpy lacks a search feature as users need to search from the many clips saved one after another to get what they are looking for. But with Vitamin D, it features a custom search that lets users filter through numerous saved clips that eventually comes down to their desired clip. Conversely, Vitamin D’s free version does not allow for multiple webcam connections that iSpy allows. The quality of recorded videos will very much depend on cameras used. This means that low quality devices will offer inaccurate images.


In conclusion, iSpy offers users with a fully-feature suite of utilities that allows the monitor to processes efficiently.


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