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IsMyLcdOK is an application designed to detect the frozen or dead pixels on LCD monitors. The application is very simple and easy to use even for someone who has little or no knowledge of computer software and techniques. The main idea behind designing of the application is to conduct a series of test in order to identify the authenticity of the pixels of the LCD screens.


This application is designed for user friendly interface. It doesn’t require installation as such and requires only running the executable file on the hard drive. The application helps to run several types of test in different pattern in order to ensure that the colored spot on the LCD screen is actually a dead or stuck pixel.

The app is portable and can be used from USB drive as well. It is to be noted that the application has to run manually in order for it to detect and identify dead pixels. The interface is based on the full screen window and provides you with different types of options that are listed. There are test proposed in order to identify the frozen pixels. One can perform test related to check the gradient lines for both horizontal and vertical, color test such as blue, red, purple and white in order to check the color schemes of the monitor.

The test will be guided through the use of keyboard and appropriate keys will be used for conducting a specific test. One can conduct these tests individually or go through them all at once. Once the test is in process the user has to observe any significant observations themselves in order to spot any problem encountered pixel. The LCD is said to be good if no dead or stuck pixels are spotted.


When comparing the IsMyLcdOK to others in the market it is found that there are no applications on this line. However, there are applications found that work for better enhancement of the LCD screen such as Display tuner and Display lighter. IsMyLcdOK is a uniquely made application specific to its purpose.


The purpose of IsMyLcdOK is to detect those non-moveable pixels on the screens. However, it is to be taken into account that it does not provide a solution to the problems that have been detected, but only helps in identifying the same in order to let the user know. The application can be used even on low running RAMs and CPU with new operating systems. The application can be considered to provide necessary help in identifying problems related to this specific aspect of LCD screens.


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