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Our PC often contains valuable data, which we do not want to lose. Uploading them to cloud services is one solution but if they are being continuously modified, it is difficult to keep them up-to-date manually. Iperius Backup Desktop is a backup client for Windows, which performs such task for the user and keeps the data safe.


The interface is fairly simple for Iperius Backup Desktop with tabbed view and toolbars with large buttons along with a job list. Backups are done in an incremental basis i.e. only changes are backed up which reduces bandwidth and backing up time. Online services supported for backups are Google Drive, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure storage, OneDrive and Drop Box. Backups can also be uploaded to FTP/SFTP servers to remote location. Disk imaging feature lets the software create backup for the whole disk including installed Windows, system files and application with settings. Iperius Backup Desktop uses VSS service, which lets it to backup even locked and opened files easily. Offline backup supports include support for NAS, USB drives, RDX, etc. Backup jobs have actions such as email notification with log on finishing of the backup activity for remote monitoring. The backup process of this application is a hot backup implying that the current user sessions with file modification are not affected while files are being backed up. Jobs can be automated via scheduling to run at specific intervals. The backup is sent to cloud services via compression and encryption for safety and lower bandwidth consumption. The software is currently available on Windows XP, 7 and 8.


Built-in OneDrive integration in Windows 8 is severely lacking and does not support offline mass storage targets. Backup4all is a great Windows client with more protocol support but has no support for DropBox or NAS. Duplicati is an open-source Windows backup client which provides almost identical facilities and is free as well but however does not offer whole disk imaging for complete failures. Create Synchronicity is yet another open-source client in the same vein and provides identical facilities with VSS support but has no hot backups or disk imaging. Some other offerings include Areca Backup and Cobian backup – the latter provides parallel uploads which can potentially be faster and safer.


Iperius Backup Desktop is a great desktop backup client for Windows with support for most major online backup services and NAS support for offline backup setups. Incremental backups, compression and encryption are especially useful for enterprise usage. Some Full disk imaging is a great tool to have especially for professional use for which system integrity is a must. Email support for jobs is a great addition for IT admins for remote monitoring as well.


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