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Monitoring network to get information regarding the connections of the networks is a handy task for the users. For this user always find need of a useful application that help them to monitor their networks. IP-Tools is that helpful application providing the facility of network monitoring and also giving the required information of the network connection. This application allows user to view the connections between running applications and to extract information either from network or from Internet. Its user-friendly interface and easy operating functionality makes it a helpful application for all users.


Managing network connection and gathering information of the connections established between different IP address is an important task for all the users. Network administrators find it very difficult to monitor their network and thus they need an application for this. IP-Tools is that application, which allows user to complete this task of monitoring networks. This application enables user to extract information through network or through the Internet. With this helpful application, user can view the connections of their networks and can interrupt suspicious connections or those connections, which are not required. Another important feature of this application is to monitor various IP address or URL which in turns give information whether these are accessed as with this feature user can find whether a website or a server is low due to some technical interruption. Also, user has the facility of monitoring network traffic with the help of this application, which is an important feature. This application also provides support for users operating on local network and to manage it efficiently.

IP-Tools provide the possibility of scanning IP address using various scanners in order to extract information either from the Internet or from local network. This extracted information contain host name or the ports connected to the network. Also, this application provides all required information from the starting like information about computer and various protocols connected to a network. On starting up, user will find tabbed and user friendly interface. Also, IP-Tools is a colorful application and user can change these colors in order to make application visible according to their need. This application is normally used by all users efficiently but professional users may find it interesting while using it.


Some other applications providing same operating mechanism like IP-Tools are DNSQueries and intoDNS but there are many facts which make this application useful. Monitoring network, internet connection and to extract information regarding the connections and protocols, multitasking and messaging between same network operators are some other helpful feature which make IP-Tools a must have application.


IP-Tools provides facility of monitoring network; view different connection established within a network or disables any suspicious connections. With easy operating mechanism and user-friendly interface allows multitasking for all users. Also, IP-Tools helps normal user to operate it with ease besides the fact that these users did not use all the features of this application while professional user will find it exciting to use such a helpful application


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