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IP Camera Viewer is a type of software that facilitates users to view live streaming of cameras from all over the globe. The cameras can be sorted on the basis of the location. Even the custom security cameras can also be added and as a result, the app will turn into a personal surveillance-monitoring device.


IP Camera Viewer is a tool that is developed to assist in the task of monitoring the cameras, just from the comfort of the desktops, by means of several other characteristics introduced to improve the whole experience. This software is a very easy way to observe a number of cameras at the same time with no need to open the web browser or loading a web page. Instead, this app offers a well thought out Graphical User Interface, which allows the users to arrange a camera and also control it with the help of the built-in utilities. Configuration setting is also another factor that is needed to be considered. In addition to this, the resolution of the video and the display name can also be configured. If necessary, the images can be rotated and also the authentication information can be written down. The major window of the application is being utilized for the purpose of preview and it can deal with up to four preview panels. IP Camera Viewer can give supports to maximum 1500 models of camera, all of which may be even controlled by means of digital zooming tools contained within the app.

Another characteristic accessible in IP Camera Viewer software is the backup as well as restore utility, which allows one to import and also export the settings of camera in order to apply them on another PC or simply store them to be on the safe side. A comprehensive help manual is available as well. It means the app will show how each of its features can be used easily. This app is free and perfect for personal as well as commercial purposes. Version 2.1 of this software supports MPEG4 and a number of languages like French, Italian, Spanish and many more. Moreover, nineteen new IP cameras are supported by it.


One of the alternatives of IP Camera Viewer is uNetCams through which any number of cameras would be configured. It can check multiple brands of cameras and webcams individually. It also automatically tracks pictures or record videos through audio by in-app noise. VIVOTEK VAST is another professional video management system intended for controlling VIVOTEK IP observation products with various functions and several characteristics. Moreover, VAST presents video wall system, VAST Matrix, for live view monitoring of hundreds of cameras.


IP Camera Viewer is certainly a very good piece of application, offering not only a very efficient interface, but also it comes up with lots of features, which could ultimately improve the entire experience with the system.


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