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Internet Explorer 9, being one of the modern versions of the web browser helps to access everything very easily. Making the transparent graphical pattern obtainable in Windows 7, IE 9 appears sleek, elegant and easier than ever before.


The latest graphic abilities and improved function in Internet Explorer 9 fix the stage for rich experiences. The video records, graphics and the text with hardware acceleration denote that the website would function as the programs, which are fitted on PC. One can find true colors, highly defined video and clear graphics. IE 9 while combined with Windows 7 can offer a great web experience. The Document Object Model in this version of IE gives remarkable speed developments by relating more competently with Chakra, which is latest JavaScript engine. This Chakra reads, compiles and accomplishes code autonomously by taking benefit of several CPU cores. In IE 9, the easy UI and site-oriented user experience have concentration on the content of every website. In default mode, just the controls necessary for searching are within browser frame. These controls inside the browser frame are simply the ones that are very practical to the users.

By means of Pinned Sites, the favorite sites may be accessed straight from the taskbar of Windows 7 without opening the browser first. One may pin the sites to the taskbar through pulling the tab to the left side of the URL toward the taskbar. Through this feature, one can easily locate and launch the sites just as native apps on the computer. Another feature JumpLists gives a quick way to reach a frequent website task by not opening the browser first. In case of pinned sites wherein manufacturers have built JumpLists feature, one can quickly form an e-mail message, verify the inbox, alter the music station, or notice breaking news. Thumbnail preview feature accessible on Windows 7 taskbar offers fast navigation to the websites that are to be used. When any site that assists thumbnail preview is pinned to Windows taskbar, one can just click these to manage the website content. When notifications have to be exposed in IE 9, the messages are displayed in the browsing flow of the user and are made to be less disturbing. There is no need to discontinue browsing to reply to notifications. All of the notifications would come out in Notification Bar at the base of the browser. Additionally, One Box feature provides users a particular place to begin whether they desire to navigate to a definite site or look for another site, and also includes search performance into the address bar.


Similar software systems as Internet Explorer 9 are- Mozilla Firefox (this web browser offers several characteristics and facilities for customizations and is intended to safeguard the user’s privacy) and opera (it enables to carry out searches on more than one search engines simultaneously).


The long expected version, Internet Explorer 9 is seen to follow the earlier model and brings different developments in speed as well as in search engine. The new appearance along with the recently launched graphics as well as hardware acceleration will make the competitive browser market more intense than ever.


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