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Internet Explorer, which is one of the world’s popular and useful Web browsers, provides safety, ease of use, and much more. Presently, a new version of the browser, that is Internet Explorer 11, intended for Windows 7 has been released to provide with more speed boost than IE10. For better performance it also supplies improved technologies like pre-rendering as well as pre-fetching.


The Interface of Internet Explorer 11 gives more space to the contents of webpage. The combined address box and search box is a little small, though the user can drag its border with the mouse to expand it. The squared simple tabs have effective abilities. An IE tab when pulled to the side part of the screen would take up almost half of the screen’s actual part. Even when the user drags any web video, it would carry on playing. The new-tab page of this version of IE is perhaps the most helpful of all such pages. It not only displays the tiles for the frequently visited websites but also reopens the recently used tabs or begins the In-Private browsing.

Internet Explorer 11 provides the site that the user is browsing center stage. It is best demonstrated in the characteristic of pinned-site. By just dragging a page’s icon right to the taskbar of Windows, the user can form a pinned site. Pinned sites can comprise taskbar jump records for general sites or activities if the website creator supplies the essential XML data.

The One Box, made by joining address box with search box, as stated earlier, can secure privacy better than the similar boxes of Chrome as well as Firefox, by permitting the user to activate and off the autosuggest aspect of the search engine. By means of IE, the user can also choose from icons at the base of its dropdown ideas.

IE11 also supports exclusive features launched in older IE8, comprising Accelerators. Another important feature, i.e. “Webslices”, allows the user to subscribe to particular marks on a Web page. This new version also has extension ability. The user can get IE’s extension-based controls from the similar menu as in case of plug-in like PDF reader.


The alternatives of Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla Firefox (it is extremely extensible, having lots of intermediary add-ons accessible), Google Chrome (It is a web browser having its focus mostly on speed and also simplicity), Maxthon (It is a browser designed for all users having a dual-engine center of Web-kit along with Trident) and Midori (It is a web browser, which means to be lightweight and speedy).


The software firm has made a number of updates in IE 11, as a result of which it offers 9 % quicker page loading time than the previous Internet Explorer 10 and also 30 % faster than other challenging browsers. This latest browser supports various elements of the standard of ECMAScript6 and gives better security from threats and enhanced privacy online. As a whole, the latest iteration of this well-accepted Internet Explorer can bring a lot of developments to the table, with an exceptional accessibility worldwide in ninety-five languages.


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