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Recovering data from failed or destructed system requires duplicating data at byte level and then reconstructing it. Furthermore, OS images often need to be written into USB to create boot disks and recovery tools. ImageUSB software is a utility to write images to multiple USB drives at once and create bootable disks as well.


ImageUSB features a single window setup with an image selection list, UFD writing or creation option, File selection and Run option, which carries out the image writing in USB drives. ImageUSB can write image files in BIN, ISO and IMG formats. The software can either write a UFD image to a USB drive or create a UFD image file from the selected format, which can be reused. Unlike other software, ImageUSB can retain all the free and slack space of an image along with MBR (Master Boot Record). The image creation/writing is done with detailed log being presented to the user during the whole steps with support for writing to multiple USB Flash drives or USB images. However, if the image is being written to a USB drive not fulfilling the capacity, the operation will be aborted. Further, the image file size will become the USB drive size even if there is free space left, which can be adjusted by further editing the image and increasing the free space. The software comes with a standalone executable and does not need installation nor does it tampers with the Windows registry system. The software runs on Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003, Server 2008, 7 and 8 with 256 MB RAM.


For Window platform, USB Image Tool is an open source software which can create USB images and has similar feature set as ImageUSB and can also create virtual USB drives which will act as mounted volumes. Win32 Disk Imager is another alternative that is also open source and can write raw disk images to any portable storage devices including embedded systems such as ARM based systems running Android/Windows RT/etc. Apart from these, there is YUMI that lets user write OS images to USB drives in order to create bootable drives with options to download the OS images from Internet and also creates persistent space to store changes.


ImageUSB is an easy to use freeware for Windows platform and provides adequate functionality. The ability preserve free space and MBR from disk images is an added bonus along with multiple writing of images at once. The software is also advantageous as it does not required lengthy installation procedure with stale registry entries and is entirely portable. The only omission being the inability to write to any system such as embedded devices.


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