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Image Tuner is a free software tool with which you can edit the images which are stored on your computer. You can import images onto this software and carry out your desired edit works with the utmost ease. Image Tuner is compatible with all versions of Windows viz-a viz, XP (32/64 bit), Vista (32/64 bit), 7(32/64 bit) and Windows 8(32/64 bit).


Image Tuner supports almost 20 image formats that include JPG, PNG, GIF, JPEG and TIF. It also accepts unprocessed raw images for further editing options. With the help of Image Tuner, you can apply various effects to the desired image and the editing options include resizing of the image by percentage, renaming, adding watermarks and changing filter options.

This software also allows you to change the format of your image to other formats and alter the settings wherever necessary. The images can be imported onto Image Tuner by using the Import option but it also allows you to directly drag and drop the images. Another added advantage of Image Tuner is that you can work upon multiple images at the same time. It also allows you to save your work anytime and revoke the saved work for future reference.

With this program, you can also apply basic effects to your images that include options like flip or rotating the image, changing brightness levels, contrast levels, saturation and highlight levels. After the desired image is exported, it can be directly uploaded onto the email or any other specified website through an extra option. Image Tuner is a small software tool and it does not consume much space on the hard disk and neither does it utilize much processing speed too. The most important highlight of the software is that it does not stop working mid-way when a deadlock occurs.


Image Tuner faces some moderate competition from other image editing software tools like Image Magick, XnConvert and Light Image Resizer. Using Image Magick, you can import images of almost 100 different formats for editing, and this acts as a strong advantage over Image Tuner.

However, Image Magick utilizes more processing space on the main memory and slows the computer speed noticeably. Meanwhile, XnConvert is just used to convert your images from one format to another with diversified setting options. It supports basic editing options but does not include advanced edit tools.

Light Image Resizer is a free software with which you can resize your images but that is where the options end. It does not support any other wide-range editing options. Image Tuner can also be compared with Google’s Picasa but the size of Image Tuner is very less when compared to that of the Picasa software. It is also well-known that Picasa offers many more edit effects than Image Tuner.


Overall, Image Tuner is recommended as a free software tool which comes as a complete package of diversified options to work on your images. It is a very small software (7.56 MB) with which your images can be worked upon with multiple image editing as a bonus. This software holds the advantage of a user-friendly environment and can be used easily when compared to other software tools on the internet.


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