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An important thing that browsers still miss in their features and functionalities is their ability to record and reuse or replay for further needs independently. With ability to record macros, browsers can perform like a complete package over the Internet. iMacros has been designed particularly for this purpose, to add capabilities of recording macros and using them over the Internet browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox totally similar to those found in web testing processes.


iMacros, first released in 2001, was actually the first dedicated macro recorder tool that was developed specifically for web browsers and helped in form filling. iMacros have come to use for greater purposes in Chrome and Firefox, providing a special feature of social sharing and scripting, which means that iMacros allows a user to share the macros recorded on the browser and share them across the social media just like it happens in sharing bookmarks over the web on various websites. Once a macro is created, user is just a single click away from sharing them the link of the macro and share them with the people on the Internet by forwarding the link or by sending within the email, or encrypting them on viral websites and publishing blogs, all on auto-pilot.

Macros are primarily coded, controlled and embedded with the help of JavaScript. This is achieved by controlling the JavaScript encrypted within a simple plain text. Besides, iMacros is also available in commercial version, where activities like testing and server monitoring are possible. Some of the Adobe application can be automated using this add-on for web browsers.


When there is a need to record macros repetitively, or perform certain critical tasks via automation, opting for the most efficient software is necessary. iMacros provides almost anything a normal user may look for. WinAutomation is another similar software used for automating repetitive tasks and making learn a computer to perform themselves. Considered one the most advanced app, it gives a tough competition to iMacros in terms of feasibility and ease to use it. iMacros turns out to be a light weighed add on for web browsers and provides justifiable results.


iMacros can be downloaded and used without a doubt if there’s a need for web recording, or sharing macros around the world of Internet with just a single click. The add-on, merely 300 Kb of its size is a fabulous utility for web media sharing and automation of certain tasks. Though there’s always some competition in such software, each have their pros. iMacros is like an icing on the cake for people dealing in redundant data.


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