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ICQ is one of the great messaging programs in the market presently. It has the IRC facilities for both individual and group chat. It is very easy to connect with people using ICQ and this software makes IM service more efficient to use. It has very attracting chatting system with emoticons, stickers and other features for making the overall experience more user-friendly. This application allows users to create group chat, do files transfer, play multiplayer games and much more. Users can always be in touch with their friends and share their luminous memories just for free (using Data Connection).


User can always be connected to their friends using ICQ. The interface of this application is intuitive and very easy to use. Users can feel the real freedom of conversation using this application as users can make calls with this software for free, throughout the world. Other key features of this software are that buyers can send limited free messages to mobile and unlimited messages to ICQ, use stickers and smiles icons to make the conversation more attractive and additionally users can send video messages to prevent the cost of MMS and share golden memories with friends wherever and whenever they want.


ICQ, the instant messaging service supports voice and video communication and free SMS, both from ICQ to mobile and ICQ to ICQ are available. These exceptional features have made this software distinctive from other IM softwares. This application also supports many additional products such as ICQ TV, ICQ SIM Card, ICQ Game Centre, and ICQ2Go. The privacy system of this software is very dependable.


ICQ is not only interesting for social networking lovers but also protects their privacy. User can also add their Facebook friends in their ICQ friend list which is indeed a very handful feature. Users can also get their social networking update on ICQ and share their pictures, videos and files with friends and family. So the software is worth trying, and it is a freeware application.


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