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iCash is a cool application to assist you in having better hands with the personal financial accounts. You can have the clear picture through bank processing, inflows, expenditures, and other financial processing.  The tool is like a one stop solution to let having better control over the finance. The navigation process is absolutely sleek for the tool.


  • User Friendly – You can trap information regarding expenditures, banking procedures in the easiest way through it. The tool is too smooth for the user of any groups. You really don’t need to be having expertise with technical finance aspects to deal with all functionalities. It is a nice pack of features to provide you with the complete control and allows for making any number of accounts, groups, etc.
  • Customized – The characteristic is intended for customizing the accounts and processes and making them simpler and fundamentally stronger. It has the flexibility to provide you with the option of having proper hands on every currency unit. You can simplify the account in terms of category and class. It has the option to deal with additional currency and applies the best exchange rate process that is made functional pretty easily. Apart from this, you can have control over persistent and fixed processes. A native calculator is there to present with the complete cost and account detail.
  • Smooth Navigation – The prime menu shows the bar having options for frequently used steps like accounts, address detail, personalized one, addresses, and many more. Basically, it divides the whole process into categories like processing, complaints, statistics, finance, and outcomes. All the groups present a complete list of the information one wish for within a very short period, and through very simple processes.
  • Flexible Usage – The other feature involves a nice report maker that involves particular condition or the entire added details. To better access the reports it has the option of project classification and processing. Being a multitasking tool, it performs up to the mark to fix the accounting needs of a user. It is fit to handle financial report for users of any category, no matter you are running a smaller organization; you are distinct user like employee, only man for the business, or any other.


There are many similar options available in the market like KMy Money, Intuit Quicken, etc. However, being practical and from the functionality points of view this is one of the finest stuff to have for your accounting or finance related processes.


iCash is a really efficient tool for providing the complete picture of transactions and management of the financial interface. The application is too useful for the high-end users, and at the same time for the comparatively smaller organizers. It can be used for personalized financial account managements as well.


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