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Social business transaction platform is essential for most online transactions. To make this possible, you need a good application that supports emails, message and data file sharing. This is what IBM Notes is all about. It is a desktop client application that enhances social communication for business or any other needs. It boasts a very neat and up-to-date interface designed to make blogging easy through enhanced file sharing right from the inbox.


Managing communication from your social circles or even business associates is easy with IBM Notes. This desktop application literally brings the world to your desktop. It gives you a direct platform from where you only need a single click on your mouse to get emails, news feeds, widgets and instant messaging applications among many other things necessary for interactive communication.


As compared to other similar desktop clients for social business applications such as Microsoft office outlook, it is easier to handle emails on this interface. People who are always on the move, you can enjoy using IBM Notes because it is mobile device friendly giving you the chance to work from anywhere as long as you have a good hand-held communication device. From the application, you can also make business cards and get information on your clients’ presence. It is also possible to hold web conferences through the same application.


There are many social business communication applications very similar to the IBM Notes. A notable option is Microsoft outlook. IBM Notes was very popular as Lotus before Microsoft decided to aggressively market Microsoft office by giving it out as a free software with computers it sold giving it a major boost. The Note is however still common among its clients and has been improving its features by the day.


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