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HWiNFO is a comprehensive system utility application that shows extensive information of a computer on which it is installed. It is a professional system diagnostic and information tool which is available for free as it is a freeware. Users can have an in depth overview of their system resources using this application. There are many other great features of this application.


HWiNFO is a powerful system diagnostic utility that gathers all the system information and presents to the user in a systematic manner. There are various computer hardware information that it gathers such as S.M.A.R.T. properties, sensor properties, etc. Using this application is very easy, it installs rapidly without any errors. At the start up, users are prompted to show summary only or the sensors information. As soon as settings are configured, HWiNFO starts up, although it may take a while for the application to gather all the required information. Interface is minimal with two screen opened, top screen will give an overview of all the system hardware information such as RAM, CPU properties like clock speed temperature, graphics memory, etc., along with the manufacturer name, technology used and even the bus and port connection in use. Second screen makes the major part of the application as here is all the stuff. Its interface looks likely to be system information’s interface.

It also has a side panel showing all the main heads viz  Central processor(s), Motherboard, Memory, Bus, Video Adapter, Monitor, Drives, Audio, Network and Ports. All of these heads themselves suggests what information they will be carrying. Besides this, there is a separate menu for sensors information which can be accessed from the horizontal menu. This contains information of all the sensors available in the computer such as temperature, power threshold, clock speed, threading, etc.


A system diagnostic application allows its users to have full information about their computer. One such app is HWiNFO32/64, there are many other apps build with the same view of diagnosing ability. HWiNFO has many great features such as sensors information, CPU benchmarking, etc. which is collectively not found in a single application. Also it is very light weight and available in a portable version for both 32 and 64 bit version of windows. It do not takes much space and so the CPU. Users can also opt to download driver updates and BIOS updates using this application, by installing add-ons. This feature makes it a better option among the similar apps.


HWiNFO32/64 is a freeware application used for diagnosing and gathering system information of any specific computer on which it is installed. When compared with other similar apps, it leads other apps in some features. All of these applications provide the same information as the CPU remains the same, although the distinction arises in the interface and the form of presenting the information. HWiNFO has a minimal interface with no confusing options and well distributed functions, making user to gather information easily.


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