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HTML Password Lock is a windows based software that encrypts a webpage or entire websites, without using complicated and lengthy encryption algorithms on the user interface. It is small, convenient and easy to use software aimed at securing your web space in a simple and efficient manner.


This application is user friendly and has a number of features which makes it one of the first choices of its users. HTML Password Lock has step by step instructions for beginners so that they are not at loss in using this software.

The wizard guides the users in a simple and easy to understand way through the procedure so that the intricacies of the encryption process are handled effectively. Many file formats like HTML, PHP, ASP, SHTM can also be encrypted. It has an option for single password and multiple password modes that allow multiple users. The user information can also be edited with ease. Other features include customisation of the login page, and support for restoration from backup files.

It also disables the mouse right click, text selection, page printing, offline page viewing and web browser’s remembering of password and user name. It works with all web browsers without browser extension software, supports all kind of host servers and work with all popular HTML editors.


HTML Password Lock doesn’t have much of a competition in terms of alternatives with similar features. It has a very strong encryption algorithm that ensures a high level of safety for the users. It has features like multiple accounts that is absent in some of its competitors. On the other hand, it is paid software, compared to some of its counterparts that are free, which serves as a setback for HTML password as its free trial version lacks some features. HTML password lock supports only windows operating system as compares to few others that can work on Linux and Mac OS too.


This application makes securing the web pages and web sites of your choice much less complicated and fast. The use of better encryption algorithms helps providing the users with un-breach-able safety. The interface is user friendly so that the users without little or no information can also encrypt their websites. However, this is an easy to use, versatile and reliable software.


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