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The HP MediaSmart Music software comes bundled with most HP notebooks that are shipped installed with Windows 7. The software allows you to easily listen to your music, create song playlists and create CDs as well. It is also now possible to find music from other external sources like the Pandora Internet Radio that is integrated into the MediaSmart application. With the software, you can play, burn and manage different file formats like .m4a, .aac, .wav, .wma and .mp3.


Through HP MediaSmart Music software interface you can easily listen to music, burn CDs, search, repeat and shuffle files. You also get a change to create playlists fast by simply dragging and dropping your favorite albums or songs to the playlist panel. You can also organize you music files by song titles, genres, artists and albums as well as organize music found in your Pandora or Rhapsody accounts. Discover new music using the Pandora free Internet Radio service and subscribe to Rhapsody Music store to get access to your favorite songs and albums. You can also browse and listen to files saved in an external drive such as CD or USB drive by clicking the drive name at the top. Once your drive is connected to the system, it will appear on your menu bar.


MediaSmart applications come prepackaged in many HP laptops and desktops. Microsoft Windows Media Center is available as a pre-installed package on most versions of Windows 7, Vista and XP. However, some computers can come equipped with both HP MediaSmart and Windows Media Center application. HP and Microsoft do not offer their software independent in new operating systems or computers. Both MediaSmart and Media Center have the capacity to play, create and burn music to DVD or CD as well additional features that allow for internet radio service.


HP has had a long history of making quality products over the years. HP MediaSmart Music software is a continuation of this long process of offering high quality products to its clients. With the software, you are guaranteed to be thoroughly entertained at all times. Its ease of use is also a major plus as its intuitive graphical design that speaks volumes about the many hours of research that have gone into creating the product for you.


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