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Sometime user wants to operate the functions of their computer system through the keyboard without touching the mouse like all professionals do. It is a good choice but requires some extraordinary skill for operating all functions. Also, controlling system with keyboard is only possible through hotkeys. User will find it easy if an application give this facility of controlling computer’s operations through keyboard. HotKeyz is that helpful application which will allow user to operate computer system through the keyboards shortcuts or called as Hotkeys. HOtKeyz is one such application, which posses several useful features like self-shortcuts database, assigning hotkeys for specific actions, etc.


Operating the computer system with the help of mouse is the easiest way. With the help of mouse user can navigate to every section of the system without much problems. But operating system through keyboard gives user the feeling of being professional. And if user knows the perfect shortcut for going to a specific file or folder then it would save much of the user’s time in clicking and navigating mouse throughout the window. HotKeyz is that useful application by which user can operate system with the help of powerfully configured shortcuts. This application consists of various shortcuts to perform different operations of computer system which user knows by assigning that function to hotkey. However, user has the facility to configure this shortcut according to their need and assign the way they want it. HotKeyz will ask user to assign the hotkey for the operation. User has to describe the action and then preferred hotkey for that operation. That’s, once the key is assigned, user can then perform the operation by pressing the key from their keyboard.

Another important part of this application is that user can assign hotkeys for files or folders also so as to make operations easy. HotKeyz has a vast controlling mechanism by which user can access any file from any of the specific application which is set as default. It has a user friendly interface so that every user can operate this application with ease. Also, if user is interacting with this type of application for the first time then also they won’t find any difficulty in operating this application. It is a light weighted application which does not use much of the user’s system resources.


Some of the alternatives of HotKeyz are Google Input Tools, Free Virtual Keyboard and Keyboard shortcuts. But if the specific operations and useful features are taken into account then this application is much valuable then its alternatives. It has its own shortcut database with the facility to assign those shortcuts according to the user.


HotKeyz is a useful application which allows user to control all the workouts of the system which usually cannot be performed using mouse. Due to its lightweight and user-friendly GUI, it is very easy to use it. The only thing user has to keep in mind are the shortcuts assigned because the operation will be actuated only with those specific shortcuts or hotkeys.


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