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A primary problem a regular computer user faces is not being to function efficiently, having to type frequently typed strings over and over again, and not being able to access system’s brightness and volume control with ease. These are some of the minimal problems just to name some, which have been answered by the ‘Hotkeycontrol’ application, an ultimate solution to the mentioned problems.


Hotkeycontrol is specifically designed to create shortcut keys to generate combos for regular tasks like changing the brightness and volumes, executing various files, opening files, calling out folders, managing active windows, recording macros and keeping control of the activities. It has been equipped with the ability to define certain number of hot keys which can be assigned to executable (.exe) files, program files and folders too. Alternatively, hot keys can be designated to display images, present recorded macros to the user and showing the repetitive text that is frequently used by the user at regular intervals. The software’s setting are easily available to user’s requests, and sadly the hotkeys’ list is just visible on the screen in a windows but are unprintable. The actions of Volume and Brightness have been fitted to a window on the screen similar to OS X. There is also a provision of Hotkeypanel that displays all the shortcuts and hotkeys designated to particular tasks, helping the user to access them easily and not have to remember every time they want to use it. Additionally, the keyboard’s already existing shortcut keys can be modified and the whole working environment of the keyboard can be customized to user’s needs.


Hotkeycontrol has had many competitors from a long time, though excellence and performance of others have never matched to this particular software. Autohotkey and AutoIt have been used as alternatives to this particular software. On one hand, Autohotkey lags a feature of exclusive macro recording and remapping the keyboard to user’s needs, AutoIt has also had similar flaws along with performance issues. Hotkeycontrol has been an award winning takeaway for its developers.


The Hotkeycontrol is something one can use in daily tasks, from improving the access of applications, files and setting to speeding up the task to typing frequently typed things and completing the tasks with ease. This software is a must have in computer. Ability of totally changing the shortcut keys provided to users by default in the keyboard, ad generating a whole new set of Hotkeys to suit whatever user needs is surely scintillating.


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