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Hot Virtual keyboard is a simple application that is highly efficient in terms of functions and features. The application displays a virtual keyboard on the computer screen that can be controlled by mouse clicks and gestures. The program allows users to choose from over 40 different styles of keyboards.


Hot Virtual Keyboard is an efficient and useful application that displays a virtual keyboard on the screen of the computer of a user. The program can be launched from the launch menu icon in the system tray and is it incorporates several functions useful for various purposes.

The application allows displaying more than 40 different keyboard types and these can be completely customised and configured. Users can use the keyboard in the instances when their physical keyboard is not functional or when it is not feasible for using a physical keyboard.

The Hot Virtual Keyboard is a useful application in case of kiosks where installing a physical keyboard is not viable. Similarly, the keyboard is useful for entering passwords in order to protect them from key loggers and other malwares.

The mouse can be configured to work with the virtual keyboard and various gestures of the mouse can be used for various functions of the keyboard such as capitalisation, increasing space and several other similar functions. The application supports functions such as auto complete of the words and macros that can be programmed. It also supports hotkey functions for launching specific applications and has several other advanced features including hotkeys for system functions.

The program supports international keyboard layout and features such as downloading dictionaries, enabling sounds, locking the taskbar and typing aids among other features. The program is highly intuitive and hence even new users can very easily use the application without much of efforts. The program is easy to install and use and does not require much of system resources. It does not hamper the system performance and functions without any hassles. The application supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


Click-N-Type is an application similar to Hot Virtual Keyboard. The program is an efficient assistive application and is highly useful for computers that have touchscreen or where users prefer onscreen keyboards over physical keyboards. The software has several different types of keyboards for the users to choose from. The size of the keyboard can be easily changed thereby resizing the size of the fonts on the keyboard automatically. The keyboard is highly customisable and displays all the active applications in the title bar of the keyboard interface.


Hot Virtual Keyboard is a highly efficient and useful application for displaying onscreen virtual keyboard. With the option to choose from over 40 different types of keyboards, it allows users a large range of features. The application can be customised according to the requirements of the users and provides a safe and easy method to type by using various mouse gestures.


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