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As the name suggests, HelpNDoc is a Windows based application which enables users to convert document formats from a single source to different formats like HTML and CHM help files, ePub and Kindle eBooks, iPhone documentation pages, PDF and Word manuals.


HelpNDoc is an excellent option for users who start as a Help Author initially. It has an attractive feature that enables users to add external documents to the project. It has code generators for development environments like C++ and Delphi, making it a child’s play for developers to blend files into final products. The table of contents forms the most crucial part of the entire application, as it walks the user through the entire documentation. The best part is that you just need to type the topics and sub-topics, in the same textbox, while creating a table of contents.

This application has an influential command-line, ribbon-style interface based on the standard WYSIWYG concept, which provides quick access to index editing, topic editing and content editing tools, which in turn makes it extremely easy to embed media content into documents and allows writing and editing texts similar to Word. HelpNDoc has an inbuilt live spell checker and dictionaries, which will assist users in rectifying errors as they type. If you are familiar with the word processor (e.g. MS Word), you will not find this application complicated, as it holds a similar look and feel. You will be able to align your paragraphs, anchors, page breaks, hyperlinks, bullets and many more.

For users who are starting a project by using HelpNDoc, for the first time and find the task challenging, can make use of the templates that are available for reference. You can customize the templates, in case you wish to make alterations to the inbuilt templates by selecting the ‘Templates Editor’. Once you complete your work and want to give it a final touch, all you need to do enter your text and images in the built-in word processor and then push the «Compile» button to get the HTML help file.


Dr Explain is a similar authoring tool that creates help files, and online help manuals with screenshots and technical illustrations. Another alternative would be HelpScribble which has almost the similar features. HelpMaker is again, another application that comes with a wizard, to create and modify help files quickly. However, this application does not make use of a word processor.

HelpNDoc is comparatively, the perfect choice, if you are looking for enhanced features. You need not to spend a lot of time concentrating on the working of the help generating tools. Rather, you will be able to stay focused on the content for a longer period.


If your work is about creating HTML help files and you feel stressed about your job, try using this amazing software, HelpNDoc, which will save on your time. Moreover, the output will be professional and quite consistent between formats.


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