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In order to manage a large database of songs and other multimedia files, users always need an application. Helium Music Manager is that useful application, which allows user to organize their media files on their computer system. User can also add files from different sources like a Removable Disk, CD to the database. It also allows user to create playlist, favorites and many more useful operations. User can also create a backup of all the files present in the system with the help of this application. Helium Music Manager has friendly GUI which make it a must have application for all users.


Keeping track of all the media files present on computer system is a tough task. It can only be possible if user has a useful application allowing them to manage all this stuff. Helium Music Manager is that application using which user can manage all of their songs and media files easily. If user has a large amount of library filled with media files then this application will be very useful for all of them. It allows user to add different files on the go i.e. user can add music files from CD and Removable Disks. Also, user can import files from the hard drives and add them up in this applications database. Helium Music Manager enables user to keep track on different features of a music file, for example album, title, year as well as ratings. Another important feature of this application is it allows user to create their favorite list. Helium Music Manager enables user to perform various functions on file like divide, join and download artist information. User can also convert a music file to other formats using this application, which is another important feature. This application also helps user to backup as well as restore their database, switch to player mode or to the full screen mode depending upon the necessities. Helium Music Manager also help user to search their music file just by entering any of the related information i.e. title, artist or genre. It also supports downloading artist information of a music file if asked by user. User can customize the application’s toolbar according to their need and can start visual effects. Helium Music Manager comes in a pretty user friendly GUI so that every user finds it easy to operate it. Also it is a light weighted application, which make user comfortable to use other applications in parallel.


Some of the alternatives of Helium Music Manager are iTunes, Winamp and Nokia Ovi Plaayer. But the useful features available with this application make it helpful for all users as well and give it advantage over the alternates. Some of these features are easy file adding procedure, convert as well as divide music files, change view modes from player to full screen and many others. User can customize the application pattern according to their need.


Helium Music Manager is a helpful application for all users, which allows them to manage their music files easily and more comfortably. Also its user-friendly interface, light weighted and to the point operating mechanism make it a must have application.


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