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There are many photo managers for managing the images. Even digital camera makers provide their own software. That software is not worth managing thousands of digital photos and keeps track of them. So, a user needs an image/photo manager that can provide a lot more features. Helicon Photo Safe is an easy to use photo manager that can keep track of all the digital images and helps the user to easily find the required image when needed.


This program is professional image management software that allows a user to edit, view and organize the photos. This tool is more than an image management system with bundled features such as Quick photo search, multi-threaded scanning of images, cloud integration, customizable layout, encryption and more. Helicon Photo Safe comes with an included and most wanted feature called Photo Safe. With this feature, the user can encrypt the images with a password in order maintain the privacy. The password if forgotten can be retrieved with an email address that was used during the encryption.

Within this program, the images can be sorted, viewed and the properties such as name, rating, camera exposure, image format, resolution of the image, date, time, author of the image and other EXIF information can be edited and saved. This program supports various image formats such as BMP, JPEG, JPG, JPEG 2000, TIF, PSD, TIFF, DNG, GIF, X3F, CRW, RAF, CR2, CRW, Kodak and Olympus RAW image formats, Nikon NEF, Sony RAW, PEF and Sony PMP.

The photos can be synced with cloud services such as DropBox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, and Box NetDrive. This application features a two panel layout in which the folders can be browsed and the images can be transferred between the folders through those panels. This tool can also easily identify the duplicate images in the hard drive and the user can delete those extra images to save the disk space. The images can be automatically converted and resized to facilitate the web usage. They can either be published on social media sites such as Flickr, Facebook, and Picasa or they can be uploaded to a secure server and the URL can be shared with trusted ones.

IPTC information such as the copyright, title, keywords and other info can easily be edited with this program. The images can be geotagged and can also be burned to a CD/DVD with the built-in CD/DVD burner. Thus, it avoids the usage of other third-party apps. Other editing options such as image straightening, cropping, adjusting the brightness, saturation level, sharpening the image and white balance correction can be carried out with Helicon Photo Safe. Finally, the image can also be printed.


There are many alternatives of Helicon Photo Safe and they can only be used to import, organize and view the images. Some applications provide editing options too. The closest alternative is Picasa using which the images can be organized, viewed, edited and shared. But, they cannot be encrypted and synced with cloud services.


Helicon Photo Safe is intuitive and clean layout, power packed features can benefit any type of user such as basic computer users, photographers, and editing experts etc. Thus, this program will serve as an excellent image manager.


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