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One of the most important components of any PC is the secondary storage or the “hard disk” which stores all your data – software, pictures, videos, songs, documents, files and even the OS. Managing such an important part is necessary to void catastrophic failures and data loss. HDDLife Professional is software, which helps people manage their secondary storage and stop potential data loss.


HDDLife Professional features a simple tabbed user interface with each tab representing a connected internal or external storage device. Each tab details the information on whether the drive is functioning properly or not, the error rate, performance and work time since the beginning. The software can also run in the background and can be scheduled to perform checks to provide notification balloons, which convey important information and storage health. The software works by gathering S.M.A.R.T. data from the storage and determines the health, performance, error rate and the life left in the drive. Due to continuous monitoring and JustNow technology, the software is able to display storage health instantly without lengthy scans in the hard disk. Apart from monitoring, it can also reduce power consumption of drives and also check external storages, and even USB drives. Modern disks allow adjusting the disk noise levels but Windows has no settings for it, such is provided by HDDLife, which keeps the system quiet even under heavy load.

The software can also display the temperature of the hard disk and free space monitoring for performance gains. For system administrators dealing with networked setups, the software can send the S.M.A.R.T. data over the network or even email the data to warn against imminent failure of disks. The software also supports 14 different languages as well. Modern SSD support is also included in the software for SSD-based systems. The software is capable of running on all Windows installation with XP or higher. However, HHDLife Professional only supports IDE, SATA, and SCSI standard controllers for drives and no support for external IDE/SCSI RAID systems.


On Windows PC, HD Tune is a freemium software which provides such information and also can benchmark I/O speeds for read/write operations. GSmartControl is an open-source software to analyze S.M.A.R.T. data on disks and is available for all platforms. Smartmontools is another such open-source software which provides similar functionality and is multi-platform. Hard Disk Sentinel is a commercial software with disk failure prediction and auto scheduled backups as well.


HDDLife Profesisonal is a very good package to analyze and maintain system storages and is optimized for hard disks including SSD support. The interface is very easy for amateurs and network support is great for system admins including technologies like JustNow for instant information and power saver feature. The software can be used to reduce noise levels as well. The only thing missing is external controller support for RAID systems.


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