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HashTab is an application for checking MD5 and other advanced file integrity algorithms. The software is installed as Windows Shell extension and can be used to check the integrity of a file. The program allows calculation of file hashes directly from Windows Explorer.


HashTab enables users to calculate file hashes directly from Windows Explorer. It is a Windows Shell Extension Program that verifies the integrity and authenticity of a file. Unlike other applications that come with a dedicated user interface, HashTab is accessible through Windows Context Menu. It can be accessed by clicking on the properties menu.

For checking the integrity and authenticity of a file, the user needs to right click on the file and under the properties dialogue, need to click on the File Hashes tab. Along with its integration in the properties dialogue; HashTab incorporates a comparison tool at the bottom of the screen. It has a browsing button which can be used to select the file that needs to be compared. This allows for a quick copy and comparison of the hash value of a file in order to check the file’s integrity.

HashTab supports various hash algorithms that include MD5, SHA1, SHA2, SHA3 (Keccak), CRC-32, RipeMD, Whirlpool and HAVAL. Various download sites along with the download links list MD5 hashes. The application can be used for checking the hashes on any file on the system and does not require any other external tool. A user can customize which hashes are needed to be calculated and displayed. Due to its easy integration with Windows, the application requires low amount of system resources and remains light. It does not have an impact over a system’s performance. The design is intuitive and easy to use. The application supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


MD5 and SHA Checksum utility is a software program similar to HashTab. This application verifies cryptographic hashes in order to validate them for integrity and authenticity.

File Hash Checker is another tool that checks hashes for the integrity. The application contains hash data hashes from ISO of Microsoft products in its database. Apart from its general use as a basic hash checker, it is useful in ensuring that Microsoft ISO is not corrupted.


HashTab is an easy to install and simple to use application. It allows for easy checking and verification of integrity and authenticity of hashes. Due to its comprehensive support for various algorithms, it serves as great utility software. The application is light and integrates well with Windows. The users can simply right click on a file and under the properties dialogue can click on the link of the application.


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