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Hardwipe is a data sanitizer program for Windows. It permanently erases data from the hard drive and portable data storage devices. Hardwipe allows permanent removal of data from the recycle bin thereby completely eradicating the possibility of data retrieval once it is deleted.


Hardwipe is efficient and easy to use software which permanently erases data from a computer and portable data storage media. It enables the users to clean their computers of unnecessary data and ensures that this data is not accessible by anyone. Hardwipe allows complete or partial deletion of data from the hard drive or portable media devices such as USB media. It can also sanitize the recycle bin in order to ensure that files or folders are completely deleted and no one can access it in future.

Hardwipe erases data on physical as well as logical drives and ensures that the erased data cannot be retrieved. It can not only permanently delete the data and sanitize the recycle bin, but also offers to clean unused drive space of unwanted data fragments and can overwrite specific files and folders.

The program can be run as a stand-alone application or the users can use its right-click menu options from within the file explorer. The application has a user-friendly interface which allows for quick and smooth operations. The users just need to select the specific file, folder or drive and the data is erased in a simple and quick manner. Users, apart from choosing full drives to be erased can select specific files and folders to be deleted. The current version of Hardwipe is compatible with 64-bit desktop for Windows 7 and Windows 8. For 32-bit and Windows XP.


Permanent Delete is an application similar to Hardwipe. It allows for permanently deleting files and folders. Permanent Delete also supports drag and drop options. It is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


Hardwipe is an easy to use and user friendly application which allows for permanent removal of data from a hard drive and other portable storage media. It is highly efficient in erasing data from the recycle bin and ensures that the data once deleted cannot be recovered by any other software. It provides security by permanently deleting non-essential data and prohibits anyone from accessing the deleted data.


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