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Hard Link Shell Extension lets the user access one of the rather unknown features of Windows that is the creation of NTFS Hardlinks; Symbolic links are other types of file references. Creation of a Hardlink using the standard route of using Windows Command Prompt can be a tedious and frustrating process. Hardlink shell Extension eases this process quite a bit.


Creation of a Hardlink is simple built-in resource in Windows that lets a user have multiple references for a single file or folder. This allows you a really powerful control over the way your files and folders are displayed on your hard drive. But the use of this feature is not known to many users. This is primarily because the process of creating the links is a cumbersome one. Normally, a user would need the Windows resource kit and some knowledge of using the Windows Command prompt.

Using a HardLink enables you to have a specified file or folder show up in multiple locations on your hard drive, using a single source file. The application is very easy to install, and most of the basic functions will be accessed by the user, by the use of the Windows context menu itself. A link source can be selected from the context menu of any file or folder which can then be dropped into the required folder where the link is to be made available. The files can be dropped in the form of HardLinks, Junctions, and Symbolic Links. Other types such as DeLorean copy, Smart Copy, and link clones are also available to choose.

The Hardlink shell extension program also allows the user to select multiple files and/or folders for the creation of hard links and other links. The selected files can be drag-and-dropped at the desired locations. The created link files, to distinguish from normal files are highlighted by the program with a red icon, which can, also, be applied to junctions and symbolic links. The highlighting icon itself may also be customized as per the user’s needs.


HardLink shell Extension offers the complete package in the creation of file references and file cloning. Junction Link Magic and Duplicate File hard Linker are other such programs, but are severely limited by the types of links that may be created using them.


Hard links, Symbolic links, and other types of file referencing facilities that the NTFS file system allows for the Windows platform are some of the least used features by the average computer user. Now, this available computer program drastically simplifies this hitherto tedious process into one that even first time users will find very easy.


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