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Hard Drive Inspector is a software program that aims to provide the user with data concerning the reliability of the hard disk drive. The hard drive in a computer consists of mechanical, rotating parts. Constantly moving parts produce a fair amount of wear and tear, thus, making the drive a physical system that could, theoretically, crash any time. Hard Drive Inspector uses the data from the hard drive to predict any potential hard drive failures.


Hard drive inspector is a software program that runs in the background, continuously scanning your hard disk drive for faults. It does this using S.M.A.R.T monitoring technology that analyses metrics from the hard drive, reporting on the reliability of the drive, aiming to anticipate hardware crashes.

Hard drive inspector is a very handy program that provides detailed information on your system, and hard drive in a single window. This includes a wealth of data like, space left, disk model, temperature, firmware number, model serials and also logical and physical geometry information.

All basic info from the hard drive is displayed on the home screen for easy access. The beautiful user interface has large buttons for the basic actions of sending and compiling reports and other configuration options. The information presented in the UI, is divided into 3 tabs: Health Summary, Technical info and S.M.A.R.T details, which show the relevant information. All actions related to your hard drive can be performed from within the main window.

Data centers for businesses, and even personal computer users having invaluable data on their hard drives, can make a more focused use of this utility, as it supports very advanced functions that includes a full assortment of options that may be used in modifying the drive and monitoring properties. This program alerts the user, if the hard disk is expected to fail, giving valuable time to back up the data, or replace the hard drive completely.


Some other programs that try to offer similar services are CrystalDiskInfo and HDDScan. But these programs cannot beat the sheer functionality of Hard Drive Inspector. Hard Drive Inspector shows a large amount of data pertaining to your drive and its use of the S.M.A.R.T monitoring technology, which makes it one of the best programs to take care of the health of your precious hard disk.


As they say, prevention is surely better than cure. All of your documents, photos, passwords, music and so much other data can become irrecoverable in a matter of seconds. Why take the chance? Hard Drive Inspector is a perfect utility that uses very little system resources while continuously checking the most critical component of a computer system. The software inspection utility once installed, allows the user to exceed the traditional limits of hard drive reliability.


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