Hard Disk Sentinel Professional

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Hard Disk Sentinel Professional is a paid software  that allows you to take good care of your hard disk. This is the best tool available if you have to monitor the changes being made to your hard disk. This version of the software is available for all the variants of Windows Operating system viz., Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 (both 32 and 64 bit).


Hard Disk Sentinel Professional is a simple software application that has a user-friendly interface. All the options can be easily understood by any amateur computer user. As soon as you open the application, this tool automatically scans your hard disk and displays information like the serial number, firmware, model number, disk space, transfer rate and Interface of the same.

Hard disk Sentinel Professional performs many complicated operations on your hard disk, making it a more efficient storage device for your computer. It also monitors the temperature of your hard disk and alerts you in case of over-heating. It also lets you perform numerous number of tests on your hard disk, including a simple test that checks your disk’s performance and clears unused data. Another interesting option is the production of user’s chosen sounds. When you use the trial version, you have to deal with an alert window the each time you open this application.


There exist other applications like HD Tune, MHDD, HDDScan and HDAT2, which can be looked upon, as alternatives. While HD Tune is used to measure the performance and check the status of health, it does not include detailed information about temperature control. HDDScan is preferable when you want to scan your Hard disk drive of its content and make changes using parameters. MHDD supports low level diagnostics and HDAT2 can be used to check the status of all your USB, SSD and hard disk drives.


Hard disk sentinel professional is a useful application related for the functioning of your hard disk. The system’s memory depends mainly upon the health of its hard disk and this is a good software application for this genre.  Though it is a paid application, it obviously has its benefits which makes it a worth trying software.


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