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GroupMail is a type of email management system as well as marketing solution that helps delivering email newsletters, declaring new goods or the services to businessmen’s customers or operating an email marketing movement.


GroupMail has a remarkable design system with a comprehensible interface and even no hardware fees. Using maximum 255 fields of data that have been saved for each of the recipients, the user can create highly modified messages as well as templates. Even the subject lines can be customized to create an impact. Rich Text like HTML is supported and it denotes that pictures and formatted text can be inserted to the messages. The feature of Full Spell checker is also comprised in it. There is also the scripts called IF THEN ELSE to enable the user to produce dynamic messages on the basis of the information, stored for the recipients. Also, every message can be entirely previewed before delivering with full accuracy.

By means of GroupMail one can create and handle a number of groups with several recipients. Every group management is conducted by the use of the exclusive Group Manager and shifting between groups while editing or delivering the messages is an easy one click procedure. Since the recipient lists are most valuable things – GroupMail can make certain that the users do not give them away, by accident. Many email packages in the market will allow the user to expose the whole mailing record in the headers of the messages that are sent. It will never occur with GroupMail. All of the recipients’ data will be saved locally on the user’s computer, accessible at any time only by the user.

With the aid of the free of charge Subscriber Add-on, one can simply deal with a number of mailing lists in addition to newsletters. The requests for Double Opt-in Subscription can be processed, removed and bounced from any email accounts. The replies are transported to successful requests automatically. GroupMail presents a number of ways to aim at and filter the mailings. Any field that is used to save recipient information may be used to put up powerful filters. Such filters can be used for importing as well as exporting and also importantly sending. Some ways to develop targeting are accessible through the application of stepped or limited sending options, and other advanced properties.


One alternative to GroupMail is AB Bulk mailer, which is email-marketing software, having integrated email extractor and verifier and the Facebook extractor, etc. EagleMailer is another helpful tool designed particularly for mass emailing of every category.


GroupMail is easy to use Email Marketing software for dispatching bulk emails to a huge number of contacts. This software functions on Windows. The Free Edition is mainly for any home user who desires to send customized group email to the mailing lists.


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